Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Studio is Complete!

The Studio is complete! After a lot of disassembling, stacking, moving, loading, reassembling, building, planning, and cleaning we have finally finished. It took an entire group effort, working if shifts throughout the day and night. It took a lot of planning, trial and error, and communication to make this work.
The main features are multiple pinup spaces, main entrances in the corner, pinup divider, lockable storage walls, graphic inspiration wall, and a new set up in the work spaces. There is an integration of all the other studios into this new space. Some might include parts and pieces of past installations and some might be ideas and concepts. The open plan allows for collaboration and a community feel. Hopefully this space will encourage creativity and spark a change throughout the other spaces in the department.

The Pinup spaces on the North and South walls take from both the Second Year Bus Shelter project as well as the Third and Fourth Year Vertical studio collaborative Biomech Installation Presentation. These pin-up walls allow for break out crit spaces throughout the space.

This graphic inspiration wall includes many words that are indicative of the studio atmosphere spirit. There are also images included as part of the graphic from the high school art class at NGHS.

This Pinup Display wall separates the studio from the hallway that runs through the east side of the studio. This allows yet another space for pinup but more importantly a space on the hallway side to communicate the progress and activity of the students working within that studio. The panels have been recycled from the Lowenstein studio of Fall 07. The vertical elements are repeated as well as the highlight of the horizontal orange band running throughout the base of the space.

Since we got rid of the old panel/cubicle system in order to create an open, more dynamic studio space, we need to implement a storage system to replace what we were deleting. A few students made a proposal in the design development stage of the process to stack some of the overhead storage containers to create lockable and dock-able storage units that could also act as dividing partitions that might create smaller breakout spaces within the larger studio atmosphere.

There is also a light installation that grafts in some ideas the first year students explored in a light wall installation in there East facing studio. Overall I think many of the teachers and students are excited about the possibilities the studio will bring and allow in the upcoming year.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


After a few weeks of holding a can drive in our studio, raiding our pantries, and going on can shopping sprees we finally had our Art Can Contest during Earth Week festivities at UNCG. There were many contestants from all over the university, most of which had premeditated designs. We had a few of our own but we ended up going for the "tree of life" which illustrated "growth". We had a perimeter of green labeled cans which encompassed the blossoming grouped varieties such as fruits, starches ( beans, potatoes) peas, tomato based, a few boxed delicacies, and last but not least...potted meats. Despite the fact that we faced some pretty stiff competition such as R2D2 and Mario from Nintendo...We came in third place!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Studio Installation - the work continues....

Jovana and Sarah ---its happy in their little world!  Jessica is working on her "between the lines" concept -- or is it "wedging in?"  Jackie just drilled in the last screw for window installation.  Sarah is installing her creations for the window wall.  Janel, Shannon and Rachel are working on the inspiration wall.  It's looking good!  Brooke and Melanie have been amending the space plan.  We have a plan A and plan B is in the works.  Brooke, Rachel and Gabe are marking off the grid for the inspiration wall.  Shannon and Janel take time out for grins.  Melanie leaves her mark.  I am sure it will be a special one.  

Studio Installation - a work in progress

Brooke did Doug's lobotamy free of charge!

Sarah is trying to choke Jackie.  They've finally lost it!

Bob the Builder is looking for bolts.  He's already nuts!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gamma Project Process Photos

The studio is already looking very different than it looked a few days ago.  Here are a few photos of progress showing work and fun going on in the studio.

Brooke, are you going in or out?

NGHS Art Students Visit

These are some of the images I took while  we gave the students a tour around the Gatewood Building.  The students really enjoyed looking down onto the studios from the 4th floor.  The first year studio's window wall project and the thesis project books  intrigued the high school students a lot.  They said they really liked our building, and I believe they had an interesting time visiting our studio. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

check this out...

Some of you may have heard of this site but its really great for helping you generate ideas from inspirational words and concepts. Its a website calle You can enter in a bunch of words, paragraphs, even your blog url. It will take the words used the most from what you input and generate a graphic. You can edit the color, font, orientation, even the language! I made this one by putting in studio scuola's blog url! Yall should try it!