Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gamma Project Process Photos

The studio is already looking very different than it looked a few days ago.  Here are a few photos of progress showing work and fun going on in the studio.

Brooke, are you going in or out?

NGHS Art Students Visit

These are some of the images I took while  we gave the students a tour around the Gatewood Building.  The students really enjoyed looking down onto the studios from the 4th floor.  The first year studio's window wall project and the thesis project books  intrigued the high school students a lot.  They said they really liked our building, and I believe they had an interesting time visiting our studio. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

check this out...

Some of you may have heard of this site but its really great for helping you generate ideas from inspirational words and concepts. Its a website calle Wordle.net. You can enter in a bunch of words, paragraphs, even your blog url. It will take the words used the most from what you input and generate a graphic. You can edit the color, font, orientation, even the language! I made this one by putting in studio scuola's blog url! Yall should try it! http://www.wordle.net/

Studio Scuola Installation Collaboration Revitalization

After meeting with Wade, we had a jumpstart in the installation model making charette. Breaking up into four groups, we focused on different areas of the space such as: overhead plane, special places and spaces ( nooks), centralization, and a specialized wall.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Group Ask "Ksa"

As a way of starting to look at our own studio environment, our professor had us each draw a card from a stack that. Each of these cards had on them a single idea based around: Learning, Looking, Trying and Asking. From this we were to choose on card under each category and from that apply that idea to the environment in a way that we saw fit. My group was based around the card Ask, where we were to create a visual representation of ideas and thoughts we have about the space. We took photos of the learning environment and then looked up words that would explain our feelings and actions about the space.

The image above is a collage of images of our studio space and some ideas and thoughts that we have had about how professors/teachers can best reach their students. So that everyone in the class may learn and pull the most out of that they are being taught. Some of the ideas are: weaving, branching, as well as an importance placed on color. Especially when so many schools today are being thrown up in such a rush so that they facilities can be put into use. How the occupants use and think about their built environment in not taken into consideration until the last moments if at all. These images have been compiled in such a way so that they speak to the human need to communication and learn from each other as well as the need to branch off and have time to think and find our own path. Allowing us all to make our own nitch in the world were we can each live and thrive happily.