Wednesday, April 15, 2009

check this out...

Some of you may have heard of this site but its really great for helping you generate ideas from inspirational words and concepts. Its a website calle You can enter in a bunch of words, paragraphs, even your blog url. It will take the words used the most from what you input and generate a graphic. You can edit the color, font, orientation, even the language! I made this one by putting in studio scuola's blog url! Yall should try it!


  1. its creates a interesting image but how do you pull the image off the cite?

  2. you have to take a screen shot ( apple + shift + 4, then press the space bar, then click!) and then edit it in photoshop. They are kind of possesive over it. So if you use the image on a blog or anywhere really you need to state that it was generated through