Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetics of Space Review Ch7 Miniature:

Chapter 7 Miniature:

“To use a magnifying glass is to pay attention, but isn’t paying attention already having a magnifying glass?” Pg 158 This is the idea of focusing on the micro instead of the macro. “The tiny-ness paves the way for everything to happen” Pg 164 This quote makes senses because all of the micro aspects of design build up to create the macro world. Thinking in miniature is not so much thinking in smaller scale but it’s imagining a world within a world. “This apple is a little universe within itself.” Pg151 The chapter is focusing on the idea that smaller objects always make a bigger entity. For example when Bachelard speaks of the botanist who explains the flower in a physical manner but then is able to psychologically examine how the flower relates to the world. “All small things must evolve slowly, and certainly along period of leisure, in a quite room, was needed to miniaturize the world.” Pg159 “Distance, too, creates miniatures at all points on the horizon, and the dreamer, faced with these spectacles of distant nature, picks out these miniatures, as so many nests, of solitude in which he dreams of living.“ Pg 172 This quote helps the reader see the smaller picture on the horizon but as you approach the picture becomes bigger. Having something miniature is where we would want to spend our time by daydreaming of the world and the smaller aspects our imagination is creating a bigger picture. “Miniatures are the refuge of greatness” Pg 155 

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