Friday, February 27, 2009

Chapter 6 Corners

In chapter, Bachelard speaks about how corners are a consciousness of peace a refuge and allow a sense of safety. It is a haven for children and the dreamer in each of us. Although we are left questioning when discussing corners, “why is it worse for us to say that an angle is cold and a curve warm? That the angle is masculine and the curve feminine? [A] curved corner inhabits geometry. p. 146” We find comfort in corners as hid away from the outside world. The corner in this way becomes as soft and cozy as any curve could offer to us. We are able to daydream in this niche and lose ourselves with “little sensation of time, great void of eternity! All infinity can be contained in this stone corner… p. 142” The world around us seems to become intently larger and minute in the same moment. “The dreamer would appear to enjoy the repose that divides being and non-being p.145” Where they can feel safe snuggled in their corner but allowed to explore the great abyss of space and images of existence.

Composted: Sara Gray

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