Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jackie Mascarella: What I Have Learned This Semester

I have learned this semester that I have learned a lot since First Year in IAR.  Talking with the first year students last week really opened my eyes to this fact as was an immediate confidence booster.  This semester has really been poignant to me since I look at it as being my last traditional style studio in the program.  I appreciate the amount of reading and research that Patrick has required because the net effect is that our designs will be better.  Also, examining learning theories and the way students learn has caused me to be more conscious and considerate of the way that I learn.  Consequently, this dialogue has also come up during group collaboration and helped define our strategy for getting work done efficiently.  I  believe I will carry this learning experience with me when I reenter the work force.  Last week's exercise was fun and really got the creative juices flowing.  It will be nice if that momentum carries over into the next phase of studio.  Reading Poetics of Space, while a very tedious book in some ways if I am being totally honest, has added a new dimension to the way I  think about architecture and design and is helping me to learn how architecture can evoke emotions and shape the lives of the inhabitants.

The baby in the photo is my mother.  I chose this photo because of the dramatic shadows and light on such a vulnerable subject sitting in her little bath by a window.

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