Sunday, February 22, 2009

Multitude of Disciplines

throughout this semester i have challenged myself to reflect. the past four years have been packed with process. i have learned that i have a desire to connect everything that i have experienced and merge them into another process. i want to find unity in design with sculpture, sustainability, diagrams, painting, drawing, furniture selection, texture, color, and shape. there is SOOO MUCH! but throughout the past four years in iarc i have been layering and layering these disciplines. but now i am truly trying to weave them together so that they can become a language that speaks vibrantly and vividly to the user. additionally to all of these disciplines i must incorporate the human element which is critical to the experience. however, with practice, which often brings mistakes, i have learned that each design strategy is important to challenge yourself as a designer. i only hope that i can continue my endeavors, so that i can continue to grow.

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