Sunday, February 22, 2009

what i have learned

I have learned that even though we know that spaces effect the user ( because that's why we design spaces), we can look to research of particualr cases and methods to see how to either promote a certain type of learning or promote a certain teaching style. So not only will we help bring people into the space but their learning and skills will be enhanced because of that. I have learned that (or maybe it has just been brought back up and highlighted more than recently learned) that however long you are estimating being in studio to finish a project or task...multiply that by at least 3! I have learned that although it is not on my list of favorite things to do ( just being honest : ) ) reading does help in the design process. This book we are reading together as a class, " The Poetics of Space" has brought up many memories and has helped me relate many of my childhood experiences and memories to design methods and reasoning.
I have also realized how important it is to write and recollect your thoughts before...during...and after. This is important in documenting your work and it allows you to look back and remember or realize why you did what you did.

I look forward to all the things I will be learning in the remaining portion of this iarc semester.

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