Sunday, February 22, 2009


reflecting over the semester thus far has brought to my attention that teamwork definitely makes the world go round. consulting with peers and kind of building a design "team-force" will allow for you to tackle more than life assignments and somehow...."getter all done" 

after that relief, going on to meatier portions of our studio...perceptual styles of learning encompass individual lives on a grander scale than institutional design alone. just from reading Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, i see the similarities drawn from certain successes based on certain skills, very intriguing that tricky thing of ours the brain! either way psychology and design work hand-in-hand, side-by-side...strengthening the other for the development of successful and functional spaces. 

and specifications....budgets....they are actually great! perhaps that's my obsessive compulsive side emerging but they truly help you to learn your f.f.&e. as the old saying goes "reading is fundamental"....and one of my goals for this semester was to expand my vocab, and wow! the knowledge I am obtaining through reading nowadays. time management is an assignment all in itself and the remaining of the semester I am definitely watching with a steadily eye....... no bang without a boom  rite?....hmmmmmm......

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