Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Team Statistics - Hemimetabolism

After struggling to stick to one concept, we finally decided on the concept of Hemimetabolism.  Basically, this is the idea of an organism that is ever-changing and never staying in the same form.  This is the basis of which our idea for room 204 came from.  We wanted to make sure that the room - as well as the lectern - was made to be flexible and moveable for multi-use.  Our lectern was made to be ADA compliant since at it's full height it reaches 3'8" for average stature, but when adjusted for handicap use, it is 3'-0".  By using large tack-able panels in front of the windows, we have provided not only space to pin up projects, but a sun-blocking/allowing mechanism and projection space.  We have specified tables that are attached to the ceilings by a cable system that can be raised or lowered depending on the use of the space at any given time.  In between the two tables is what is called a "Softwall" by Molo Design.  This is a versatile, textile wall that can be collapsed, moved, and propped anywhere in the room to create separated spaces for any use.  What use to be two storage closets has now been made into one smaller closet and a small "break-out" room for group meetings and discussions.  In the break-out room there is a Smartboard attached to two panels.  One facing into the small room, and one facing outward into the larger classroom area.  These are boards that can be projected on, written on, and interact digitally many different ways.  
Through exploration of mobility, flexibility, and adaptability we worked to propose a space that is more fitting for an interactive learning environment.  

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