Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review for team Geometry

Team Geometry:

review by rachel pound


I felt like the presentation was clear in some parts but hazy in others. I’m still confused by the need for carpet tiles I feel like the flooring should be one material keeping with the concept of something that was seamless or the wall continued down onto the floor. I was also confused about the ceiling tiles I felt like they did ass color and shape as well as texture but they I felt like it didn’t go along with the concept and that the walls could some how continue onto the ceiling. I was also still wondering about the curved wall for the presenter I feel like it limits you to present on that one wall because that was where its supposed to be but I feel like if the louvers were some how translated to that wall then the space could be more flexible and adaptable. I really enjoyed the use of the Magnetic pain on the walls and thought that that was very successful. I also think your desk and chair are a great design and really work well for your concept I also think that the touching of the doors and louvers and having them spring out is a really interesting idea and could be really great in the space! I think over all you really applied your concept to the space and it helped you make important decisions regarding the interiors. 

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