Friday, February 13, 2009

Integration Charette

"You can have the weekend off!"

Beginning with the alpha charrette, which entailed a series of phases to explore the depth of learning within the Gatewood Studio Arts Building and branching from the School of Athens, our eyes have been opened to various theories of learning and education. This process has lead to a better understanding of the importance of collaboration and the formality of pieces creating a whole.

 As a class we have taken on the re-design of 204, divided into small groups of two[s] and three[s] working intensely throughout this week long charrette, the final challenge was to trade with another group, analyzing their proposals and viewing 204 with new eyes.  Armed with each groups’ initial design, we were given the opportunity to pull out the strengths and reconnect any weaknesses that were found in our classmates’ group work.  Each group has undertaken the recreation of the other groups’ projects in different ways. Incorporating theories of learning [auditory + kinesthetic + visual] helped to guide our designs in a process to connect with each sense for a dynamic classroom experience. The common factor that ties the overall designs together was a similar goal to create a space that is functional and flexible.  With The School of Wisdom as a basis for learning, and our studio arts building layered with diverse learning styles, the shell that is Gatewood accommodates each perceptual view and style of learning, providing the foundation for the beta charrette. 

A main focus for the revisions of our classmates’ design work was to honor what had been done and celebrate the new additions incorporated within the old.  Taking a journey through our installation shows the modifications for each design, providing base analysis of the space, sketches, and renderings to portray the new proposals under way. The end result of each project implements a better design approach to satisfy various learning styles and promote diversity within teaching styles alike.

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