Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I have learned thus far

Blogger isn't uploading pictures for me on this website......I have my picture picked out and as soon as it will take it, the picture will be up!

I have a lot this semester through the charettes, talk with first year, and most definitely my group project.  Through the charettes, I have learned that to get good work you sometimes have to let your inner self out and just create what's in your heart.  For example, this past charette that we did with all the drawings, allowed me to have fun but also created drawings through textures, different media, and different scales.  Sometimes in this major you forget how to let go of the familiarities that you design with and try and recreate what you used to do in 1st year.  Most of the time your best work comes out when you let go and have fun.  Secondly, when talking to the first years, I realized that I had learned a lot and was confident in the advice that I was giving them.  I felt strong about my reasonings and gave them a positive outlook on what they had already created but pushed them further to try something different.  I know that experiencing new things in design can be hard but your final outcome will show you that the experimenting was worth it.   Finally, the group work is what my image relates too.  In my past years I have had great ideas but were afraid to state them because I didn't feel that my ideas were that great when I explained them.  For many years I have stayed quite, letting others influencing me to change my ideas or not even say what I was thinking due to pride or low self esteem.  Here recently my two team mates told me I was smart and that I really good ideas, I just needed to state them and let people see who I was as a designer.   I couldn't believe that other people saw this in me, but I am thankful that they did say something because I probably wouldn't have ever changed my ways, which would have lead me to being miserable throughout my design life.  So thank you both for letting me in and I am doing everything in my power to come out of my shell and voice my opinions.  

My image represents that when you state your ideas and do things just because others suggests things that in a way you are allowing them to control you.

Stand up for yourself and most of all believe in your self.  You as a designer knows whats best for you.  Thanks Rachel and Shannon!

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