Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I have learned that I have a problem of get really stressed out when things don’t go just like I want.  Group work in geranial seems to multiply these feelings by and extraordinary amount, because things never go like you wish the first time around.  My figuring on the matter is my life is very chaotic and a mess in general so in this way I’ve figured out ways to be very originated in this way, so that everything that needs to get done does in the timeliest way possible.  


The best part of studying in this field thus far, I’ve really found a way to branch out, creatively.  All throughout my life up to this point when studying the fine arts either in classes or individual instruction I drew and work very much in the realm of reality.  I drew what I see exactly to the best of my ability not distorting the image in anyway.  After being challenged and pushed in first year and years since I’m able to think and draw more and more abstractly.  The difficulty that I seem to still face is bringing the two worlds together in a way that makes sense to my audients.  My hope is with all the charettes and studies that will be going on this semester I will be able to pull together these characteristics.  

Sara Gray

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